About The Escape Hatch

My name is Jared Millet. I write, edit, do research, find information for people professionally (I am a licensed librarian, after all), and as this blog makes clear, I travel the world.

The thing about travel is that it’s not just the funny stories, great food, and awe inspiring scenery. It’s also the little things that you have to figure out along the way, such as how not to lose your luggage while passing through YYZ, how many days in advance you need to get that Zambian visa, or whether or not it’s really worth it to try and walk from the bus station in Oaxaca vs. spending the money on a cab.

Every trip is different. Every trip has its own particular puzzles to solve. Through the magic of the Internet, though, you can usually find someone out there who’s had to untie the same knots as you. I’m hoping this page can be one of those sites where you can find some useful answers to solve your various travel problems so you can focus on what’s really important: enjoying yourself!

Bon voyage,







Jared, April 2018